Thursday, June 27, 2013

My looloo statistics

200+ reviews
2000+ followers


I know it seems kinda mababaw to some of you that I am writing about this "feat" of mine on a social media app that I love (looloo!). This entry is not meant to be boastful; I just thought that it was worth noting (for me!) that ever since I joined looloo some 5 months ago, I have already been to at least 212 establishments from 52 categories, and in 11 different cities / municipalities in the Philippines (including "out of Metro Manila" locations such as Cebu, Boracay and Tagaytay).

Wow. That is a lot of food...errr, I mean...a variety of experiences. :)

And, hey! It's a bonus that 2000+ other people are interested to read what I have to write about!

My 1st ever looloo review! I wasn't as "talkative" then. Haha.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog entries, "Discovering the foodie in me thru looloo," this cute little app has helped me discover the Philippines, one place at a time. I've been to restaurants that I would never have given a 2nd glance at if it were not from raving reviews from other looloo users. I've tried unique dishes that are out of my comfort zone just to have a taste of the food they've all been gushing about. I've paid more attention to the details of my dining experiences. I've even tried reviewing places under the category of "Tourist Attraction" or the "Great Outdoors." I am exploring our country, not just in places which are convenient for me, but also those which I am curious about. Isn't that what real adventure is made of? :)

So, anyway, I realized this morning that at 212 reviews (and counting! I have a couple more up my sleeve), this means that I average a total of 42 reviews per month! Whew. So, the little part of me that is O.C. (a very, very little part of me) wanted to make a monitoring sheet of all my reviews. Wala lang. Nalilito na kasi ako. :)) I may not be very organized, but I am very big on monitoring: I like to know where I stand. :D

It's hard to keep track of 212 reviews

22 out of 52 categories I have reviewed

Ang adik ko, diba? Haha. From my organized lists, I was able to find out the following information:

  • My most reviewed place: Wrong Ramen (4 reviews). It's supposedly tied with "El Chupacabra," but I reviewed it as "Mexicali" the first 3 times, so...
  • My most reviewed "brand": Serenitea (7 reviews, 4 different branches)
  • City where I review the most places: Taguig (81 reviews). My previous profile description said: "Pakalat-kalat sa Bonifacio Global City." Hehehe. Next is Makati (53 reviews).
  • Place with the most out-of-town reviews: Boracay (13 reviews)
  • Food category I review the most: Filipino Food (17 reviews)
  • Non-badge category I make the most reviews of: Mexican food (7 reviews)

...and to think there are still SO MANY places in my Must-Try list! (Question to the looloo admin: If I review a place, shouldn't it automatically be removed from my Recommendations list?)

The statistics above may just be numbers to you, but for me, they have a unique experience attached to every single digit. In other words, I have 212 different stories. :)

I guess the reason why I love looloo so much is that it indulges my frustrated-blogger side. I love to write. I'm not very good with food adjectives like Edwin of looloo; my writing style is more narrative and casual, not really very technical. I like to pull people into my story, to make them feel comfortable in it. Some of my friends say that I write exactly how I speak, and they could easily imagine my voice while reading my words. Haha. I guess that's a good thing? :)

The goal here isn't to make the most reviews, or to eat the most food (LOL. But I could do this, if I had to). My goal is to be curious and adventurous enough to try places that are out of my "comfort food zone;" to keep an open mind when it comes to new experiences; and to be more aware of each detail of my experience. And of course, to live past the food coma to be able to write about it. ;)

"Looloo didn't just allow me to discover new places and new dishes; it also allowed me to discover the foodie in me. I didn't know I could enjoy food and the dining experience so much until I made a conscious effort to be aware of every single detail of my meal. As a frustrated-blogger, I think it's good practice to critique your experiences, because it is an exercise of observation. Getting that observation into words that other people can relate to is a most-welcome challenge for me!" - "Discovering the foodie in me thru looloo,"

So here's to more awareness and more experiences; here's to adding more reviews to my growing list; to writing more stories; to trying more cuisines; to suggesting more places; to giving and receiving more credit; and to exploring more of the Philippines!


  1. This is an awesome piece! I feel the same way too about how looloo in the span of 2 months has had me trying out places I never knew existed.
    It made going out of my house more exciting.
    Nice article! :D

    1. Thanks, Ree! You're right...every time I go out, I am also excited to pick new places to go to! Haha! :) Hope to see your reviews on looloo!

  2. love the dedication, the reviews and your blog. saka photos!!!

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